Fashion Hacks for Every Body Shape: Flattering Your Figure


Are you struggling to find outfits that flatter your unique body shape? Life can be hard as a fashionista when the latest trends don’t work for your body type. But have no fear! Read ahead for simple fashion hacks to help you look fabulous in any wardrobe.

1. Stylish Solutions: The Best Fashion Hacks for Every Body Type

Your body type matters when you’re considering what clothes to buy and how to style yourself for any occasion. Make sure to keep both purpose and body type in mind when shopping and creating outfits.

Consult the Classics: The most important thing to consider is tricks that stand the test of time and never go out of style. If you’re feeling frumpy and a little lost, take the advice of iconic designers like Coco Chanel whose pearls of wisdom include “Look for balance in your silhouette: wide shoulders with slim hips or the opposite; long skirts adding balance for short tops”.

Style by Shape: Sometimes the best way to approach fashion is to search for similar body types and see what tips you could use to dress according to your figure. Here’s a quick breakdown of some flattering styles that any type can use to best suit their shape:

  • Hourglass body: Draw attention to your waistline and create a dramatic hourglass shape with seamed skirts and tops, wide belt, wrap tops and dresses
  • Rectangle body: Accentuate your waistline with a fitted top or V-neck dress, and flares skirts, re-curve your boxy shape
  • Triangle body: Choose tops that expand your upper body with ruffles or details around the shoulders, and A-line skirts that taper narrower toward the ground
  • Inverted Triangle body: Avoid eye-catching colors here like reds or bold prints, and let your Zara ink blue dress be the star of your ensemble

Accessories: Don’t forget about the extra details! Look at trends in the world of fashion to add fresh bits to your wardrobe. Accessories like hats, glasses, necklaces, watches, belts, jewelry and bags can transform an ordinary look to a designer statement piece. So go for it!

2. Tricks for Enhancing Your Best Features and Flattering Every Figure

When it comes to fashion, the goal is to make the best of every figure. With the right outfit, it’s possible to flatter your figure and make your best features stand out. Here are a few tricks that can help keep your wardrobe on-trend and flattering:

  • Know your body: Knowing the shape of your body is the key to finding a flattering style. Determine if you are tall, petite, have an apple-shape, or any other figure, and choose clothing designed for that particular shape.
  • Know your proportions: Some people have longer legs, wider hips, or other such body proportions. Make sure the fit of the clothing fits these proportions.
  • Color your silhouette: Light colors will draw attention to a certain area, while dark colors will hide it. Consider wearing bright and bold colors on areas you’d like to show off, and darker or subtle shades on areas you’d prefer to minimize.
  • Choose the right accessories: Accessories such as eyeglasses, handbags, and belts can draw attention to specific areas. When selecting accessories, consider playing up your best features, and minimizing your trouble spots.

No matter what outfit you put together, be confident in it. Beauty – like fashion – is just a game of proportions. With the right outfit, you can flatter any figure. Moreover, feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear is more important than any other fashion tip.

3. Accessorizing to Accentuate Your Shape

The right accessories can take your outfit from a “meh” to marvelous! Plain apparel can be instantly jazzed up with the right items. Here are some simple tips to let your accessories do the work for you:

  • Tall ladies can flaunt their stature by donning statement necklaces. Throw on a bold choker or a long pendant that sits close to your neckline to make your neck look longer.
  • Women with larger busts should consider lightweight scarf-style neck accents that won’t draw too much attention to the area.
  • Shirt dresses or loose blouses look amazing when cinched in with a sleek belt. This also gives you the opportunity to define your waist for a slimmer silhouette.
  • Go for bold earrings or dangly earrings to bring focus to your face.
  • Wide-leg pants or skirts pair perfectly with an oversized statement bag.
  • Bring attention to toned arms and legs by wearing delicate and lightweight bangles, anklets and toe rings.
  • Remember, the goal isn’t to overload yourself with accessories. Just pick one piece to bring focus to a particular area for a polished, elegant look.

Though some accessories are designed to hide certain features, you should never be ashamed of the body you were naturally given. Embraceyour assets and complement your ensemble with a fashionable final touch – trust us, you’ll love your look.

4. How to Balance Out Curves or Create an Hourglass Shape

To achieve an hourglass shape, many of us with curvier bodies might immediately think to suck in our stomachs and flares. However, the key to getting an hourglass shape should not be about creating new body parts, but instead about finding the perfect combination of clothes that will emphasize and manipulate the existing shape we have!

Creating an Hourglass Shape

  • Start by creating a fitted and defined waistline
  • Look for items that cinch in the waist and help to create a curve
  • High-waisted items, wrap dresses or bras with boning can help create definition in the waist area
  • Snug-fitting pieces are ideal for creating a cinched effect

A-line or fit-and-flare skirts and dresses can also help to flatter your figure – the flare at the bottom balances out the curve of the hip. It is also important to consider tops to complete your outfit. Off-shoulder, Bardot and sweetheart neckline styles work well to broaden the shoulders and create a subtle shape.

Balance Out Curves for a More Contoured Look

  • Look for items that play with fabrics and textures to help break up your silhouette
  • Crop tops, peplum tops, and blouses with layered frills look great tucked into midi skirts or trousers
  • Mixing longer hemlines with shorter ones help break up the curves and create an hourglass shape
  • Tighter fitted bottoms counteract wider tops

Playing with shapes can also accentuate the curves, for example skater skirts can shorten the torso and balance a wider hip. Taking inspiration from Alexa Chung’s classic style, think about proportions and the different looks you can create. Don’t be afraid to wear something unexpected!

5. Choosing the Right Fabrics and Necklines to Slim or Enhance

So now that you know your body shape – what’s next? It’s time to decide on the fabrics and necklines you want to incorporate into your look to slim or enhance your figure. Here are some points to consider when making your selection.

  • Fabrics: Choose fabrics that are smooth and lightweight – try flowing fabrics such as silk, jersey, and lightweight wool. Resist stiff fabrics such as jean and twill as they will add bulk to your body.
  • Necklines: To downplay broad shoulders avoid wide necklines or busy prints with large patterns.

If you’re usually conscious about your arms, opt for a three-quarter-length sleeve to cover your upper arms or darker colors to help hide any lumps or ridges. If your goal is to highlight the neck area, go for a deep scoop neck or a v-neck for a slimming effect. However, be careful not to go too low as this can make you look bigger than you are. If you want to draw attention to your bust, you can choose a spaghetti strap top or a cowl neck.

And finally, don’t forget to pick fabrics and necklines that make you feel comfortable and confident. Ultimately, the right fabrics and necklines should flatter your body, rather than draw attention away from it – the most important thing is that you love your outfit!

6. Outfit Ideas that Compliment Your Unique Body Type

The way you adorn your body will always be an expression of confidence. Knowing your individual body type is the key to confidently selecting clothing that will complement your curves, rather than distract from them. Here are a few tips for styling the most popular body types:

  • Apple: For an apple silhouette, look for well-defined shapes on the shoulders and waist. Tanks and skinny jeans that hug the frame are a safe bet. Go for feminine tops with ruffles and 3/4 sleeves to flatter the curves.
  • Pear: To balance out pear-shaped silhouettes, visualize breaking up the upper and lower half with a defined waistline. Try tucking blouses into shorts or layer a blazer over a dress or top to make your waist look smaller.
  • Hourglass: Hourglass figures look best in tailored silhouettes. Structured tops and soft silhouettes will bring attention to the waist. Show off this silhouette with a belt to complete the look.
  • Rectangle: Rectangle-shaped bodies often lack curves. Try wearing ruffles and pleats on the upper body to create an illusion of curves. Also, don’t forget to cinch at the waist with a belt to create a slimmer hourglass shape.

When you love the way you look, you can do anything! The key is to find styles that express your personality and celebrate your body type. Once you know what pieces look best on your figure, you can create countless outfit ideas to spice up your closet.

Try these ideas and experiment with mixing and matching different items to create a unique look. As long as you feel confident, you’re sure to find something that suits your individual style.

When it comes to fashion, it’s essential to flatter your figure in order to feel your best. With the fashion hacks we’ve shared, you can make sure that your individual body shape is as stylish and flattering as can be. With confidence and the right clothing, you can dress with pride and show off your amazing fashion sense.

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