Fashion and Music Videos: Iconic Looks and Styling Trends


Since the days of MTV, Music Videos have been an integral part of the popular culture scene. Over the years, we’ve seen countless iconic looks and styling trends that have been introduced to us by artists in their music videos. From large shoulder pads to neon color schemes, the fashion trends popularized in music videos have resonated through pop culture and society. We will be taking a look at some of the most iconic looks and styling trends that have been seen in music videos over the years and how they have impacted fashion and culture.

1. Music Videos: Taking Fashion to the Next Level

The entertainment industry is always adapting and evolving, and the link between fashion and music videos is strong. Musicians have become powerhouse influencers in the industry, and as such, the styles portrayed within their projects have the ability to shape a whole new look – whether it’s creating something outlandish, or playing it safe with a more classic style.

The convergence of these styles can be referenced back to iconic music videos – think Lady Gaga’s Alejandro or Madonna’s Vogue. These ran with the idea of fashion as an integral part of the art form, showing that looking good can be just as important as sounding great.

In the modern age, music videos are still providing the same push to fashion – just in different ways. Thanks to the prevalence of streaming services, giving artists an immediate platform to showcase their work, many have realised just how much fashion can impact the videos production.

  • Styling – whether it plays to the lyrics of the track or not – is effective for making an impression.
  • Costuming teams are brought in to create more elaborate looks that reinforce the content.
  • Filmed location can also be a useful tool for fashion inspiration, playing to a certain vibe of the video’s aesthetic.

The possibilities for fashion and music video overlap are seemingly vast, and the results can be captivating. Artists who use the opportunity strategically can benefit hugely, and cement themselves in fashion history.

2. Iconic Looks from Music Videos

From the fashionably-gifted Emineeyn Gracee to Tina Turner shaking her long locks, some of the most have truly shaped the way we dress and view fashion today.

Eminem: Eminem told the story of his rise to fame from the ghettos of Motown, Michigan with a striking fashion sense. He is known for his baggy jeans, lumberjack shirts, white T-shirts, and of course, his signature black baseball cap. To this day, Eminem still rocks these iconic looks.

Madonna: Madonna has always rocked the latest fashions, whether it was her punk-inspired looks in the 80s, the girly tutus she wore in the 90s, or her kitschy, modern day looks. Madonna’s most iconic look has to be when she rocked a black and white suit, with a hat and a cane in her music video “Vogue.”

  • David Bowie: His ever-changing looks, from brightly-colored suits to skimpy lingerie, lefts a lasting impression.
  • Michael Jackson: The ‘Thriller’ look of a red leather jacket and trousers made Michael Jackson an even bigger icon.
  • Queen: The leather-clad, wild haired look of the band members paved the way for now classic heavy metal and glam rock looks.
  • Tina Turner: No one can forget Tina Turner’s long, teased hair and tight mini-dress, a look that has been mimicked by divas since.

These are just a few of the iconic fashion moments that have been created in the realm of music videos. From rock ‘n’ roll to rap, there is something new and inspiring for every fashionista to enjoy.

Music videos have always been a driving force in inspiring style trends and have sometimes been the cause of why certain styles caught on over others. Over the years, we’ve seen an array of fashion moments directly and indirectly influenced by our favorite music videos.

  • Fashion trends come and go – It’s clear music videos have caused an impulsive culture of hastily changing trends, styles and fashion statements. Every time a new video drops, the fashion line is on the launch pad, ready to capitalize on the moment.
  • Consequences for the fashion industry – Music videos are often the locations chosen for the production of fashion campaigns, which has both positive and negative consequences. On the one hand, it has increased the visibility of certain fashion designs but on the other, it has caused an oversaturation of brands in the industry.

Music videos have also played a key role in our own personal styling, influencing the choices of even the pickiest dressers. We’ve all been guilty of wearing the same style of gear our favorite icon was wearing in their latest release; whether it’s a bomber jacket, a signature pair of sneakers to a unique hair cut, music video trends have a serious impact on individual style.

Overall, music videos are more than just the visual interpretations of sound, they’re the driving forces behind major style shifts, setting the ship of fashion on an otherwise uncharted course.

4. Exploring Musician and Fashion Designer Collaborations

In today’s world of near limitless creativity, we’ve seen more and more collaborations between fashion designers and musicians. From Kanye West and Virgil Abloh to Pharrell and Adidas, these team-ups have been part of the cultural landscape for quite some time, and we’re continuing to see even more innovative and inspirational projects.

Musician and fashion designer collaborations are, in many ways, a special kind of alchemy, as different forms of art – music and fashion – come together to create something dynamic. Designs become textured stories, offering an immersive experience that reflects a wider theme. We experience the range of soundscapes and design paired together, creating an unconventional work of art.

By teaming up together, fashion designers and musicians are able to push far beyond the norm of individual artistic expression, creating fresh takes on well-worn tropes. We’re seeing new muse/model/designer relationships emerge, all with the goal of challenging current cultural trends and raising a new generation of fashion-forward music fans.

  • Kanye West x Virgil Abloh – the musician-designer duo offers an all-encompassing package of streetwear, music and art.
  • Pharrell x Adidas – combining retro kicks with ska stylings, this pairing offers a cross-cultural sound and look.
  • Rihanna x Puma – a modern take on athletic wear, this star-driven collaboration aims to make performance look good.

By leveraging the creative talents of both musicians and fashion designers, collaborations offer the opportunity for each to gain greater exposure and recognition. Whether reviving classic fashion looks or redefining musical norms, these collaborations are expanding the realm of possibility, creating transformative works of wearable art.

5. The Impact of Music Video Looks on Everyday Fashion

Music video looks have had massive impacts on the fashions of everyday wear for years. From ripped jeans to neon shirts to two-toned hair, we see the influence of musical icons everywhere we go. Here are just a few of the many ways music video looks have changed the face of fashion:

Democratization of Fashion. Music video looks often put the spotlight on fashion labels that don’t come with the high price tag of luxury designers. This has allowed people everywhere to join in on the hottest trends, no matter their budget. Smaller, less expensive fashion brands can now be given global recognition thanks to the influence of icons from the music video world.

Celebrity Muses. What can be seen on the runway of fashion week in Paris one season will inevitably find its way onto the streetwear of the masses the next. Music video stars often serve as the inspiration for these trends, creating a style with an unmistakable look. Music video looks also offer avant-garde touches that can’t be found in traditional fashion settings.

Constant Reinvention of Style. Music video looks have the unique ability to turn everyday clothing into something bold and unexpected. It’s no surprise that fashionistas everywhere have adopted the technique of mixing and matching vintage and modern pieces, bold colors and prints to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. As music video styles continue to evolve, so will the look of everyday fashion.

6. Color Schemes and Silhouettes: Keeping Up with Music Video Aesthetics

The aesthetics of music videos are everchanging. Keeping up with the industry’s newest trends can be difficult, but it’s important if you’re trying to create a captivating visual experience for your viewers. Here are a few tips on how to keep up with the current music video aesthetic.

Color Schemes: A bright, contrasting color palette can give your video an eye-catching look. Colors can convey emotions and tell stories without words. Think about the feeling that you’d like to evoke in the audience and then choose a color scheme that matches that. You can also take a slide all the way to the other end and use a monochromatic color scheme to shape the entire mood.

Silhouettes: Silhouettes are a great way to emphasize certain aspects of your music video. They can be used to create dramatic visuals and draw attention to important plot points. Whether it’s a single silhouette or a series of them, they can make a lasting impression on viewers.

  • Illustrate a story without words.
  • Highlight certain elements in the video.
  • Frame a narrative in an interesting way.

By following the right trends up-to-date with the current music video aesthetic, you can create a captivating and visually pleasing experience for your viewers. Keep in mind, however, that the main focus should always be the music.

From emerging designers to the reimagined work of legendary couture houses, fashion and music videos offer us an exciting opportunity to explore the artistry of clothing and styling as we ponder their influence on future trends. With so much to appreciate and explore, there is no better way to truly take in the significance of fashion and music than to enjoy an iconic music video!

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