Homemade chicken wings

Ingredients Chicken wingsOlive oilOnion juice1 table spoon yoghurtSaltPepper Instructions Preheat oven with 250C degrees.Wash the chicken wings with water and flour. This will help to eliminate smell of the raw chicken. Add olive oil, onion juice and yoghurt and mix. Use grill pan and place the chicken wings. Grill for 30 to 40 mins. After…… Continue reading Homemade chicken wings

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Beetroot Salad

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Mushroom Wrap

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Orange muffins

Ingredients 1 eggRaisinsAlmondChia seeds to sprinkleA pinch of cinnamon powderA pinch of saltA pinch of apple cider vinegar1/3 glass of milk1 table spoon yoghurt50gr butter1 tea spoon of Vanilla extract1 tea spoon of Baking powder1 table spoon Corn starch40 gr Wheat flour40gr Oatmeal flour1 Orange zest4 table spoon of maple syrup (or unsweetened apple sauce,…… Continue reading Orange muffins

Easy-Peasy Ratatouille

Ingredients Olive oil5 tomato1 zuccini1 red onion1 eggplant1 white onion2 carrotsSaltPepperDried herbs of choice Instructions First prepare the tomato sauce for the base. Add olive oil and chopped white onion to a pan. Cook until onions get golden. Chop carrots and add to the pan. While carrots are cooking, chop 3 big tomatoes and then…… Continue reading Easy-Peasy Ratatouille

Overnight Oatmeal

Ingredients Half banana3 table spoons of oatmealHalf glass of Milk (plant-based or not)1 tea spoon Cacao powderAlmondsStrawberry Instructions Mash the banana.Add oatmeal, cacao, and milk. Stir until combined. Rest the mix overnight. For topping, add some strawberries and almonds.Enjoy! 🙂