Full-time cat mom and PhD Candidate. Part-time cooker and baker.
Full-time cat and the sweet trouble maker. Part-time learner in the kitchen.

Life can be though sometimes. The power of having a good meal should never be underestimated. This blog aims to help people who are having difficulties to decide what and how to cook in an easiest way. Eating healthy and good food helps to improve our not only physical health but also our mental health. This platform aims to provide a “database” of meals by simply following a planning ideology. Therefore, what you find here is a type of calendar that you can adjust to your needs. All the recipes have been tried and simplified. Some of them are even have been adapted to a more healthier version of the former one.

The recipes are given with respect to days of the week. So, imagine somebody has already prepared a weekly meal plan for you. All you need to do is to check the ingredients, buy the missing ones, and follow the the most easy going instructions.

The meals are categorized as follows;

  • Meatless Monday
  • Chicken Tuesday
  • Salad Wednesday
  • Red Meat Thursday
  • Soup+Sandwich
  • Pasta Saturday
  • Oven Sunday

Why do this?
Because it gives you an opportunity to have a variety of meal throughout the week. Because it will help you find new ideas without spending too much time. Because you start finding joy in cooking and eating.

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